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The Prom

Northwestern University, Fall 2023
The Prom "Emma" Unruly Heart
The Prom "Dee Dee" Not About Me look
The Prom "Trent" base costume
The Prom "Sheldon" base costume
The Prom "Emma" Prom for Everyone look
The Prom "Alyssa" prom dress 1 look
The Prom "Barry" finale costume
The Prom "Dee Dee" rally look
The Prom ensemble rally look
The Prom Ensemble "Prom for Everyone" looks
The Prom-437
The Prom-11
The Prom-39
The Prom-48
The Prom-55
The Prom-70
The Prom-73
The Prom-77
The Prom-81
The Prom-89
The Prom-93
The Prom-95
The Prom-97
The Prom-104
The Prom-106
The Prom-108
The Prom-116
The Prom-129
The Prom-133
The Prom-140
The Prom-143
The Prom-145
The Prom-152
The Prom-157
The Prom-159
The Prom-164
The Prom-171
The Prom-185
The Prom-193
The Prom-208
The Prom-216
The Prom-219
The Prom-220
The Prom-222
The Prom-231
The Prom-237
The Prom-239
The Prom-252
The Prom-255
The Prom-280
The Prom-282
The Prom-286
The Prom-287
The Prom-293
The Prom-296
The Prom-298
The Prom-309
The Prom-322
The Prom-328
The Prom-333
The Prom-334
The Prom-337
The Prom-339
The Prom-348
The Prom-349
The Prom-352
The Prom-355
The Prom-357
The Prom-359
The Prom-370
The Prom-375
The Prom-373
The Prom-391
The Prom-399
The Prom-411
The Prom-415
The Prom-417
The Prom-420
The Prom-423
The Prom-428
The Prom-435
Production Photos for The Prom (music by Matthew Skylar, lyrics by Chad Beguelin, and book by Bob Martin and Beguelin). Northwestern University. Fall 2023.

Director: Tor Campbell
Set Designer: Hannah Clark
Lighting Designer: Sierra Walker

Costume Designer: Ben Argenta Kress

Photos by Justin Barbin
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